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How to add your tug to the new boat roster

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Step one: You must be a registered member of the RTA to add a boat to the roster, to register as a member just go to the About Us page and click on membership. Membership is free. You can also register in the Enter Boat Record page, there is a Register link on that page.

Step two: Before you begin, collect all the information and photos that you want to include in your boat roster entry and put it someplace you can easily find it. I like to put everything on my desktop. Photos must be .jpegs

Step three: Click on the Enter Boat Record link on the left side of the Boat Roster page. Log in with your RTA username and password. Fill in as much or as little information as you want into the boat record form. Make sure you click on continue at the bottom of the page and then upload your photos.

Step four: To update or add info or images to your Boat Roster entry,  just click the Edit Boat Record link on the left side of the Boat Roster page. It will ask you for your email and access key, enter the info and you will be back in your tugs Enter Boat Record page. If you didn’t save that access key, don’t worry, just click on Resend Access Key and the website will immediately resend your access key.

Tips… If you are including a website link in your boat record, please make sure you put in the entire website address, not just part of it, it won’t work if it doesn’t have the whole address. For example not the software needs that http:// to know it’s a web link. The easiest way is open the website in your browser and cut and paste the web address from the browser window into the correct box on the form.