Membership is free, you don’t need to own a tug to join.

Member Website Registration: Please create a member account with your full name (your actual name so we know you aren’t there to spam our members) and email.  You will be asked to create a username that is shown publicly on the site when you post a comment or use the forums, this can be your first or last name, your boat name or any other nickname you would like, but it has to be all lowercase and just letters, no numbers or other characters including spaces.  And it must be at least 4 letters.  Not our call, just a quirk of the login software that came with the website.

RTA Member Roster: We have a directory of RTA members, if you would like other members to be able to contact you, please add your info to our roster.

We hope to see you at a rendezvous soon!


Member boats can fly the RTA flag, if you would like one, please contact  Ruth Reader (she hand makes our flags):
Ruth Reader
140 Campbell Street
Duncan, B. C.
V9L 3G8
Phone: 250-746-5831