About Us

The Retired Tugboat Association is a community of tugboats & work boats, mainly older and retired or semi-retired, and tugboat & work boat enthusiasts. We are mostly located in the Pacific Northwest, although we do have representation on the North Coast, the “Right Coast,” and the rest of the, er, Left Coast! We get together to share tall tales and information about buying, selling, owning, maintaining, and appreciating these unique boats, with their interesting character and histories.

This is our “netshed” on the Web, a place to share those tall tales, advice, sightings, and pictures. Have a look around, add your own tall tales, and let us know what else you’d like to see!

Thanks, and welcome aboard!

P .S.  if you are looking for the old site you can still find it here….http://retiredtugs.org/index.html 

New Boat Roster Under Construction

If you have not already done so, please register and enter your boat information into our new Boat Roster.  Once it’s up here, you will be able to update it yourself anytime.  Thanks to all who are contributing their info to build a great boat list for our club.  For a time, we will also keep access available to the old Boat Roster, here:   Old Boat Roster (http://www.retiredtugs.org/oldsite/roster.htm). But we will not be updating it.