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Ahoy – this is Carol, the new Executive Director of Olympia Harbor Days, now presented by the Olympia Kiwanis!

We are only 5 weeks away from celebrating our 43rd year!!  We have added lots of newness and excitement and we hope you and your tug will join us.

I am sending out this last invite to all tug owners listed in the RTA Roster and any other tugs or work boats on the RTA mailing list.   Right now we have 21 tugs spiffing up, fueling up, and getting ready to head down to the south sound for one of the few last remaining Vintage Tugboat Show and Races in the Puget Sound.  They range from 16’ to 143’.   Is yours one of them?  If so, and you have submitted your registration, we thank you!!!

If you have not yet registered and want to join the fleet, you can do so on our website www.HarborDays.com under the Tugboat Info Tab!  All registered crews get an invite for wonderful Lucky Eagle Casino Salmon Dinner at the Skippers Dinner Saturday (9/3) evening at 7 pm.  Each registered skipper gets a goodie bad with one fleece vest, hat and other fun stuff.

Registrations need to be in by August 15th so we have time to prepare for your arrival.  If you decide to attend after that date, please email me or call me at the number below so I know to be on the lookout for your paperwork!

Over the weekend thousands upon thousands will enjoy touring your tugs and talking with you and your crew about your tug.  We host Sunday races for three classes of tugs with awards for the winners!  And of course you must be in attendance to stand a chance at becoming our  44th  Logo Boat for 2017.  Last year, Patrón attended for the first time and became the 2016 Logo Boat (see logo above)!!  So you never know, but you must be in attendance to be in the running.

We hope you will attend and share the history of your tug.  Show is open to all tugs but you can opt out of racing if you choose.  Our press release is attached for your info or to share.

We hope to see you in September!!    Toot Toot


Carol Riley, Executive Director
NEW:  info@HarborDays.com
Cell 360-556-0498

Olympia Harbor Days
NEW: PO Box 2875
Olympia, WA 98507

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