Magni II
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Previous Names: -
Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Document #: -
Owner: Maritime Museum of Iceland
Current Moorage: Reykjavik
Boat State: Bad - been laying around for 25 years
Boat Country: Reykjavik
Year Built: 1954
Builder/Designer: Hjalmar R Bardarson
Built For: Harbor of Reykjavik
Length: 25,80 m
Beam: 8,02 m
Draft: 3,87 m
Hull: Steel
Power: 736
HP: 1000

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Boat History / Other Notes:
Magni the tugboat was build at Stalsmidjan Reykjavik and was the first steel ship Icelanders built. The boat was built for the harbor of Reykjavik. Hjalmar R Bardason designed the boat and had been preparing the project for a long time.

Magni was designed to purpose multiple projects, the boat could carry 40 tons of freshwater and delivered it to ships. It had a equipment to hoist buoys out of the sea but later on that equipment was removed. It was equipped with 2 powerful pumps that could have been used to spray sea water on fire.

The main engine was Deutz 736 kw and could tow up to 12 tons.

Magni went into service at 1955 and was used until 1989.

At 1989 the main engine had a meltdown and Magni was taken out of service.

Our goal is to restore the boat and sail it again. In 5 to 6 years we want the boat to be ready to sail again.
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