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Previous Names: Jimbo
Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Document #: 510753
Owner: John W. Warjone
Current Moorage: Dry Storage -Olympia
Boat State: Washington
Boat Country: USA
RTA Member: Yes
For Sale: Yes
Year Built: 1967
Builder/Designer: Nichols Marine
Built For: unknown
Length: 30' 3"
Beam: 10' 11"
Draft: 4'
Hull: steel
Power: Detroit 871 with Wilsky nozzle
HP: 325hp
Boat History / Other Notes:
Was built (1967) for service in Puget Sound - 15years, sold to Davidson Industries, Mapleton, Oregon.

Originally had a CAT D333 engine with a straight prop. Could not pull logs up the Siuslaw River during freshets. 871 Detriot was installed with Wilsky nozzle. I only keep it in the water in summer months. Due to long fresh water use - in very good condition.
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