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Previous Names: Lorna Foss, Palomar
Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Owner: Scott Deyman
Current Moorage: Orcas
Boat State: Wa
RTA Member: Yes
Year Built: 1926
Builder/Designer: San Diego Marine
Built For: Star & Crescent Boat Co.
Length: 85'
Beam: 19'
Draft: 11'
Hull: Fir
Power: Atlas Imperial
HP: 320
Boat History / Other Notes:
Boat found laying port-side in near derelict condition spring 2013. Rot everywhere and equipment not working due to extensive moisture throughout boat. Acquired & have been trying to bring her back ever since. Formerly ran Coast-wise San Diego-Mexico in addition to harbor work. WW-II Vet. Acquired by Bellingham Tug & Barge, a subsidiary of Foss, in 1950 running chip barges etc throughout Puget Sound (Notice I did not say "The Puget Sound" I'm native too here!). Foss officially took here in 1960 putting there infamous colors on her and renaming here the Lorna Foss. She ran fuel barges until 1968 when sold to private interests. She towed logs for another decade or so then officially retired in the 80's. She has been in the Great Pacific Northwest ever since her acquisition by BT&B in 1950.
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