Shelter Island
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Taken by Pacific Boat Brokers
Previous Names: John Stewart, Wilmington, YTM-240
Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Owner: Thomas Tucker
Current Moorage: Bellingham, WA
Boat State: Recovering from neglect
Boat Country: US
RTA Member: Yes
Year Built: 1926
Builder/Designer: Muller
Built For: Wilmingron Transportation Co
Length: 87'
Beam: 24'
Draft: 12'
Hull: Wood
Power: EMD 12V567 AC/TT
HP: 1080
Boat History / Other Notes:
This is what I have gleaned from several different articles.

She was built by William R. Muller at the Banning Shipyard in San Pedro for the Wilmington Transportation Company, her original name was John H. Stewart. During WW2 she was appropriated by the US Navy and worked as YTM-240 in the LA area. After the war she returned to civilian service as the R. L. Alexander, the Wilmington, and finally as the Shelter Island. She was delivered with 350 Hp diesel-electric propulsion which was replaced with a 600 HP direct reversing engine, and ultimately with its present EMD.
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