Tycho Brahe
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Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Owner: Jeremy & Katie Tighe
Current Moorage: Grangplank Marina
Boat State: Washington
Boat Country: DC
RTA Member: Yes
Year Built: 1943
Built For: WW2
Length: 64'
Beam: 17'
Draft: 7'
Power: Diesel
Boat History / Other Notes:
During the war, she was used to tow torpedoes up and down the Potomac River. After the engine experience a fatal break down, she was left beached and abandoned. Later in life, a pirate salvaged her with the intent to convert her into a beautiful liveaboard for profit. With financial and legal issues looming, the pirate sought to sell her. Many months and adventures later, she finally came to belong to Mr. Justin. Justin hauled her out of the water and did extensive work on her hull, removed the old engine and completed striped her down to bare bone. He performed small wonders within the steel hull and converted her into a liveaboard while preserving her character and grace. Where the original 11 ton engine previously rested, now is the cabin space, large enough for dancing. The galley and wheel house are probably the most impressive areas. The state room and head are in their original location with comfortable upgrades. Although the new engine is much smaller, she still moves majestically through the waters of the Potomac River near DC.
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