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Previous Names: M/V Challenger, Seaspan Challenger, Island Challenger, TP-126
Boat Type: Tugboat/Towboat
Boat Status: Retired
Owner: Timothy Miles
Current Moorage: Juneau, Alaska
Boat State: Alaska
Boat Country: USA
RTA Member: Yes
Year Built: 1944
Built For: US Army or Army Corp of Engineers
Length: 96'
Beam: 25'
Draft: 11'
Power: 398 CAT

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Boat History / Other Notes:
The keel was laid in March of 1944, in Wilmington, CA On August 25, 1944 she was completed and designated as

TP 126- ON 177380. "TP" stands for Tug/Passenger. She was built for the Department of the Army to service the West Coast up to the Aleutian Chain. I have yet to find any information as to what she did during her "war years."

In 1946, she was decommissioned and sold to Island Tug and Barge and renamed, "Island Challenger." She operated throughout Puget Sound, to Northern B.C. and SE Alaska, pulling log rafts and barges, providing ship assists and salvage operations.

In 1971, she was re-named "Seaspan Challenger" after the merger of Vancouver Tug and Island Tug. In 1983 she was retired and sold to a private owner. In 1985 her residence became Lake Union, in Seattle, where she became a B&B (Bunk & Breakfast). She remained as such until 2002. She now makes her home in Juneau, Alaska

She is "home" for her owner and his family as well as home for "Heartstrings" Violin Studio where children learn to play violin, aboard.

She is currently being refurbished and will eventually become a B&B, in Juneau, and be used to explore SE Alaska

We also strive and are committed to making as small of a footprint as possible. In honoring that commitment, we have lowered our consumption of fossil fuel by converting both our galley stove, which also heats our hot water, and our boiler heating system to run exclusively on waste vegetable oil.
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