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Olympia Harbor Days 2014

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Even a monsoon couldn’t dampen this years Harbor Days festivities.  Friday was a beautiful day and most boats were on the dock at Percival Landing by friday morning.  Rex and Tana Hasart on RW Confer hosted the RTA potluck on Friday night and everyone had a great time catching up with friends on the back deck.



One of the highlights of the weekend was the arrival of Bob Peck’s new tugboat, Kathy M.  Here’s a little video of Kathy M and Smitty J  with the added bonus of the steam launch Folly. I think the Kathy M was the most coveted boat on the dock.

Saturday started out cloudy, there was a monsoon in the early afternoon and then it cleared up nicely by late afternoon.  But even the damp day didn’t discourage folks from coming down to look at the boats.  Saturday morning also brought a new tug to the docks, Shannon (ex Shannon Foss, Judi M) came down for Harbor Days.  She’s a great looking tug and I loved the engineers seat in the engine room.

We certainly hope Capt. Cindy Stahl and crew make it down again next year. In fact Shannon was given the Spiffy award for being the neatest and classiest boat.  

Saturday night was the Skippers dinner, always a good time for captains and crews.  Bob Peck gave out the Harbor Days plaques to all participating boats and there was a drawing for a $150 fuel gift card.  Snee Oosh (Dunlap towing) was the lucky tug in the drawing.  The Lucky Eagle Casino not only catered the dinner, but also gave away free stays at their hotel at each table.  Karla Fowler, who does the great logo boat artwork, was honored for all her years of Harbor Days artwork and there was a small display of her art at the dinner.  A very sweet example of this years logo boat artwork (Reliable) is presented at the dinner in the form of a cake for desert.

Sunday was race day. All the tugs paraded out led by a couple of the visiting Lord Nelson Victory tugs that were in for one of their rendezvous.  Pet Tug acted as the start line and Thistle Dew ( a member of the RTA for many years) once again acted as the finish line boat.

Here are the race results……

Small Craft  

Mary Anne      13:04

Sandman         13:30

Joe                    13:32

Atka                  15:19


Under 400 hp

Reliable          10:08

Snee Oosh      10:32

Teal                  11:04

Thea Belle       12:39


Over 400 hp

Galene              7:11

Shannon          7:54

RW Confer      9:12


We had a bit of a snafu with the start broadcast for the race though, many tugs could not get the race channel on their radios, so only knew that the race was starting when one of the other tugs would begin racing.  It seems there are two channel 20′s and the one they were using for the race was not always available on older VHF sets.  On Galene there are three VHF units and one handheld, luckily the handheld unit was able to receive the race broadcast.

Back on the dock the winning skippers were congratulated and  Bob Peck, Harbor Days Harbormaster handed out the winning  trophies on the back deck of Galene.   


For more photos and videos of this years Harbor Days, check out the RTA Facebook page.   It’s a public page so you do not have to have a Facebook account to see the page.