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Seattle Maritime Tug Race Results

Monday, May 13th, 2013

It was a beautiful day on the water and RTA member boats were out in force for the Seattle Maritime Tug Races on Saturday.  RTA  tugs in attendance were Galene, Parthia, Thea Belle, Patrón, Teal and Reliable.

The time before the tug parade is spent socializing and participating in water balloon and super soaker attacks.  The Galene was targeted  by the Island Champion, but responded in kind with their own super soaker and a barrage of water balloons.

Tugs participated in pushing contests and other shows of tug athleticism.

There were two classes of racing, Class B/Harbor  for the smaller tugs and Class C/Limited for the larger tugs.  Both races were won by RTA tugs.

Parthia defended her title by winning the class B race with a time of 8:09.  Congratulations to George and Wende!



The class C race was won by the Galene, taking back the trophy after losing to the Triton last year.  The Galene had a time of 6:13, a full 9 seconds ahead of the Island Champion who came in second.  A great run for Galene, congratulations to Skip and Marty!

The checkered flag was proudly flown on both boats.

Here are the rest of the race results courtesy of Mark Freeman and his blog. Thanks Mark!