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New Boat Roster

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

New Boat Roster

We have a new boat roster that enables boat owners to create a special page for their boat with photos, info and history.  Members are now able to add as much information as they want about their boat, it’s history and up to 10 photos.  Because we want everyone to be able to add information or change photos on their own boat roster page, we cannot just migrate all the old info to the new roster.  Each boat owner must register and create a login and password.  If we do it for you, then you will not have access to your  boat roster page if you want to add or change info or put in more than just one photo.

It’s an easy process and if you have problems you can contact us through the website.  We did this because this is an all volunteer organization, no one is employed by the RTA, no one gets paid, those of us that do volunteer to help out cannot always get info up as quickly as folks may want. There’s only 2 of us and we aren’t always sitting in front of a computer.  By making the website more self-service with the new boat roster, new classifieds and built in forums, no one has to wait for anyone else to find the time to add information to the website for them.  You can change your information immediately, put up a classified ad instantly and you don’t have to leave the website to participate in the forum discussions.   We hope this will create a more active and interactive RTA community on the web and help folks stay informed about rendezvous and other RTA events and happenings.

For the time being the old website is still available as is the old roster.  But eventually we hope that everyone will take the time, just a few minutes really, to go into the new website and add their boat to the new roster.

Thank you

Harbor Days 2011

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

The 2011 Harbor Days was a huge success.   The weather was gorgeous, and for once the tide was high enough all day so the ramps weren’t too steep and the air wasn’t too hot.

The newly rebuilt section of Percival Landing was very nice.   Those of us without boats especially enjoyed the Harbor House as a comfortable place for the information table and to sit and visit.

This was Nancy Sigafoos last year as festival coordinator.   At the dinner Robin Paterson presented her with a marine clock from the Retired Tugboat Association with a plaque thanking her for her years of service.    Shelley Lively, the new coordinator, was introduced.

The races went well.   There were no problems and one close finish where is took the finish line camera to tell us that Reliance beat Parthia by half a length.   There were no accidents or near misses, and it was great to watch the boats run.     The heats are as follows:
Heat 1:   This heat started at the second marker so ran a slightly shorter course.
Maggie B.    11:17
Joe                11:43
Thea Belle
Robin            Did not run
Atka              Did not run
Heat 2:
Reliance             9:28
Parthia                9:30
Creosote             9:34
Cayou                 9:42
Reliable            10:19
Snee Oosh        10:51
Wallace Foss    11:03
Fox                   11:30
Sandman          Backed off to avoid roll
Heat 3:
Galene           7:48
Holly Ann     9:10
RW Confer    9:30
It was a great turnout of Retired Tugboat Association boats.

We look forward to the October 1&2 gathering at Dockton.    Remember the Saturday late afternoon potluck.


Thanks to Kae for this nice write up of the Harbor Days weekend.

Tug Race Results

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011


Race 1

1. Maggie B
2. Joe
3. Skillful
4. Thea Belle

Race 2

1. Reliance
2. Parthia
3. Creosote
4. Cayou
5. Reliable
6. Snee-Oosh
7. Wallace Foss
8. Sand Man

Race 3

1. Galene
2. Holly Ann
3. R.W. Confer

Harbor Days Tug Races Photo Gallery

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Great photos by Olympian Staff photographer Steve Bloom

The Joe

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
After 45 years of owning towboats, 25 of them with the JOE, we are boatless.   I’ve said that it is in our marriage contract that we will always have a boat.   Robin had a dory when we were married in 1959, and we bought our first tug in 1966.    For the first time in our married life we are boatless.   Robin decided it was time to give up on the constant maintenance and relax.
We had a delightful spring with the boat.   We enjoyed the Retired Tugboat gathering at the Center for Wooden Boats in April and the Wooden Boat Fair in Olympia in May.   We took the new owners out on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks.
The sale was easy.   Brynn Rydell has said for at least eight years that she wanted the boat when we sold.   We let her know that it was for sale, they had a family meeting, her boys were enthusiastic and she bought it.    Brynn’s husband is Harry.   The boys are Garth (delightful wife Taylor), a Medivac pilot and Marshall, a mechanic here in the harbor.   They live locally, and the boat has moved back to the place where it lived for 15 years across from the Tides here in Gig Harbor.    Between them the family have all the skills necessary to love the boat.   Robin is doing some teaching.   We are thoroughly enjoying them.    The boat will race in Olympia.   Robin will skipper it, but they will all be on board.
We hope to stay involved with the Retired Tug Association, but in a more laid back way.

- Kae & Robin

Here’s a nice article about Robin, Kae and The Joe in the Bellingham Herald

Dockton Rendezvous – Oct 7-9th, 2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
New date for Dockton….
Several folks had a problem with the first weekend in October so George Hill has changed the date for our next RTA Rendezvous (Dockton) to Oct 7-9th, the second weekend in October.  Please pencil it in on your calendar and let George ( know if you think you’ll be able to come (by boat, car, etc.).  Does anyone want to volunteer their boat to be the setting for a potluck?
Dock fees are $25.00 to $35.00a night, so a real bargain especially for the big tugs.  Last year we had rain but the folks still came out to see the boats, hopefully the weather will be a bit more pleasant this year.  It’s a fun and relaxing rendezvous.

Harbor Days Info

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Ahoy, all!

A quick reminder that OLYMPIA HARBOR DAYS is coming up this weekend!!
  • Potluck aboard the Galene, 4pm on Friday (2 Sept).  If you’re planning on being there, please let Skip & Marty know (  As usual, there will be a brief “business meeting” after the potluck.  One item on the agenda is a vote on whether the club should sponsor an inscription on the new Percival Landing Railing in Olympia.  If you have ideas on this or other business, but won’t be able to be at the potluck, please email, and we’ll include your thoughts.
  • Skippers: If you are bringing a boat to Olympia and have an RTA burgee, please consider flying it!  We’d like to get as many flags up as possible for photos!  Thanks.
  • Boats that will be at Harbor Days:
Atka 1970
Cayou 1952
Cedar King 1970
Creosote 1921
Fox 1943
Galene 1943
Holly Ann 1961
Ibis 1935
Isswat 1948
Joe 1942
Maggie B 1961
Parthia 1906
R. W. Confer 1930
Reliable 1945
Reliance 1909
Sand Man    1910
Skillful 1959
Smitty J 2004
Teal 1949
Thea Belle 1941
Thistle Dew 1986
Wallace Foss 1897
…Just had word from the Comanche that they will not be there: “Sad to say COMANCHE will not make Harbor Days this year due to failure of the main steering motor last night… just as we were docking back home in Tacoma, too!  Hope you all have great fun!”  Wish them luck sorting out the steering motor!
And, Dee Meek with the ELMORE sends his greetings, but won’t be able to bring the boat to Olympia.  If you didn’t see his message on our discussion email list,, they are just finishing over 6 months of major repair work.  Glad to hear it’s coming along well, Dee!  He will have the ELMORE at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, Sept 9-11 (their web site:  It looks like there will be a couple of work boats/fish boats attending, also!
Speaking of flags, if you would like one, please contact Kae (, who has the price list.